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Benefits of Temporary Jobs

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This career article by Nathan Newberger gives job seekers some reminders on the benefits of temporary jobs.

To many people, a temporary position does not sound very appealing. Some consider temp jobs to be unskilled labor, tedious work, or just a waste of time. People with this negative attitude towards temporary positions all share one common characteristic: THEY ARE WRONG. Temp jobs are not a waste of time. Besides providing income, temp jobs can be used as valuable career tools.

This article discusses the many benefits of temporary positions. Once you recognize the advantages of temp jobs, you can then begin to use them to enhance or build your career.

These four topics that will be covered:

  • Money Matters
  • Resume Reinforcement
  • Temp to Impress
  • Career Sampling


Let's be realistic, money is important. No matter how many times you say, "Money isn't everything," you can't change the fact that money matters. There is no shame in taking on a job to obtain needed cash. No matter how negative your attitude towards temp jobs is, it is impossible to deny that they are often a good source of income.

  • Good jobs don't just grow on trees so that people can come and pick the one they like best. When no viable alternatives exist, temporary positions are a fantastic way to earn money.
  • Temp jobs are ideal for students. When you have class during the week a steady job can be hard to get, but a temp job might only be for a day. Also, temp jobs often fit in well with an evening or weekend class schedule.


If you are currently out of work, chances are you suffer from a disease that often strikes the unemployed: resume decay. When out of work for an extended period of time, people often concentrate their efforts solely on finding a new job. Unfortunately these people fail to recognize that their free time should also be used for strengthening their resumes.

Temporary positions give a person the opportunity to strengthen his/her resume through experience and education while also providing a source of income.

  • Temporary positions are a fantastic way to gain experience within a particular industry. When full time positions are tight, a temp job may be your best chance at learning industry basics. Moreover,you will already be an experienced worker when a full time position becomes available.
  • Temp jobs are a quick way to pick-up new skills or to heighten skills you already possess (typing, filing, book-keeping, etc.). More importantly, as a temp you may be required to use various professional software. Proficiency in current software applications looks great on a resume!
  • If you are not working full time or are not in school, your resume may look sparse. A recruiter evaluating your resume may assume you did nothing during this time. Temporary positions are good for filling these time gaps in your resume.


Despite what many people think, a temporary position is NEVER a carefree, zero responsibility job. Though things may be slightly more relaxed as a temp, there is a secret that most people don't realize: a temp job may lead to much more.

If you are working with others or report to a manager, you are being evaluated. People all around you are making mental notes about your knowledge, skills, personality, friendliness, diligence, and behavior. Use this to your advantage:

  • Occasionally, a temporary position turnsinto a position that needs to be filled permanently. Even if you are not explicitly told that your job is temp-to-hire, you may have shot at the permanent position if you impress the right people.
  • Temp jobs give you the opportunity to meet and rub elbows with individuals in a particular industry. You never know if a co-worker might someday be in charge of recruiting or make a recommendation for a new employee.
  • Often times, as a person develops their career map he or she realizes that they are far off course. This perfectly normal, but it also means that getting on the right road will require a change of direction.


It may seem obvious, but never lose sight of the fact that a temporary job is temporary. This gives a person much more flexibility than one would have in a permanent position. No matter how horrible the job may seem, you can rest easy knowing you are not stuck in one place. More importantly, people often don't know what industry or career they would like to pursue. Temping gives an individual the option to sample a wide array of jobs. It is the perfect way to gain insight into a job or field.


Temping may not be every person's cup of tea, but it is hardly unskilled labor. Temping is more like a delicate art form. Taking a temporary position provides numerous benefits and opportunities for a person with the right background, knowledge, and attitude. Instead of turning your nose up at the idea, give it some serious consideration. Temping may be just the tool you need to jumpstart your career plans.

About The Author

Nathan Newberger is the job and career expert at Nathan has over 10 years of experience in staffing and human resources. He has worked both as a recruiter and career counselor. Mr. Newberger has been the Managing Editor at for the past 5 years and his articles have helped thousands of job seekers.

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