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DoNanza At Home

Since Inception, DoNanza is just about freelancers.

Our aim is to make it easy for you to run a successful business so you can focus on your writing, design, photography or the other core skills that earn you money. In short, we want to ensure that as many of your working hours as possible are billable, that your profits rise with experience, and that the cloud packs your entire office from the beach or coffee shop to the subway commute and executive boardroom as you move around.

"In short, we want to ensure that as many of your working hours as possible are billable"

Freelancers are rapidly becoming a mainstay of the global economy. They help businesses cut costs, extend their reach globally, generate new ideas, and tap a wider variety of skills and talents. More than 200 million freelancers are now working worldwide to meet the needs of the new economy. Until now, freelancers were treated as offshoots and subsets of their professions. They had to make do with the payroll strategies, water-cooler networking techniques and evening entertainment plans of another era. We know we need to treat freelancers as a class of its own, for the first time.

"DoNanza aims to work closely with the freelance community to craft and tailor solutions aimed - precisely and only - at the needs of freelancers."

DoNanza is not working alone on such a grand vision. We are forming partnerships with some of the most agile, creative companies around to meet the very precise needs of freelancers. We are turning the innovative, often complex ideas born of these partnerships into simple, easy to use solutions for freelancers only.

More important than these partnerships, or the size of the market, or the ground-breaking solutions, or the scope of our vision, is your input. We’d all improve with your suggestions, observations and, of course, participation. Only together can we bring massive, positive change to the world of freelance.

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