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    TodayAJob global job search engine. Job and career opportunities in all fields. Part-time, full-time, contract, work at home, seasonal, and temporary positions.

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    TodayAJob global job search engine. Job and career opportunities in all fields. Part-time, full-time, contract, work at home, seasonal, and temporary positions.

  • CareerJet Engine brings you CareerJet Job Search Engine International providing jobs and employment in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

  • Even More Jobs provides a gateway to 1,000s of employers looking for candidates just like you through's recruitment system.

  • Work At Home provides a variety of links to third parties offering work at home jobs that we believe are worth investigating.

  • Online Projects provides you with online jobs you can perform to generate income and work from home. Primarily long term and short term contract jobs that you bid on in order to obtain.

  • Perfect Job Site

    The Perfect Job Site is your source for finding employment and contract work or post your job. Search millions of jobs in all industries. See employment trends and who are looking to hire. Plan your career or post your job today.

  • DoNanza At Home

    Just for freelancers and self-employed wannabes our aim is to make it easy for you to run a successful business so you can focus on your writing, design, photography or other core skills that earn you money

  • Talk Job Trends offers you the opportunity to talk to others about jobs listed that are available. Post your comments about various jobs you see listed.

  • Resume Guides free resume guides and tutorial help you create effective, powerful resumes to land that job. The handouts have been supplied by Bucknell University Career Development Center and Western Washington University with the resume tutorial provided by Career Info Net.

  • Resume Services provides third party resume services including such great companies as Resume Writers, Resume Corner, Resumes Planet, Resume Writing Service and Resume2Hire.

  • Download Free Employee Books provides job search software and ebooks that manage and assist you in finding a job, keeping track of contacts, how to handle interviews, creating cover letters and more.

  • Download Free Employment Books provides employers with ebooks that manage and assist you in finding the right candidate, how to handle interviews, how to fire employees, improving motivation, workplace investigations and more.

  • Free Letters provides free powerfully written Word job follow up letter templates that help to remind the employer about you and assist you in landing or getting a job. Easy to use templates, just download and load into Word, then fill in the blanks.

  • Top Job Books provides the Top Job and Employment Search Books on the market today. Your "how to find a job" library.

  • Resource Links offers a reciprocal link exchange page that provides informative links to pertinent information.

  • Employers Post allows employers to post job opportunities through a variety of job boards. Some boards are general employment, other boards are niche or specialized employment opportunities.

  • Articles

    • Changing Careers

      • Changing Careers provides this article on how to effectively change your career.

      • Creating Career Maps provides this article on Creating A Personal Career Map that you can use for headhunting, job searching and keeping track of employers, jobs and your job search.

      • How To Change Careers brings you this article on How To Change Careers even if you only have hands-on, real-world experience and no formal educational credentials.

      • Starting A New Career provides this article on Choosing A New Career Path.

      • You're Never Too Old provides this article on re-training, overcoming the age barrier and finding a new career.

    • General Job Tips

      • Tax Tips For Job Seekers provides this article on job seeker tax tips, tax deductions, and what expenses you can write off while looking for work. It primarily addresses the United States and Canada's Revenue statutes, however can be used as a guideline in the majority of countries.

      • Job Search Tips provides this article offering general job search tips that may help you achieve finding the perfect job.

      • Holiday Job Search Tips provides this article on Holiday Job Searching Tips and taking advantage of the lull during the various holiday seasons.

      • Interpreting Job Postings provides this article on Interpreting Job Postings and understanding the various ways that job recuiters and employers provide information between the lines of the ad they have posted or published.

      • Move From Temp To Hire provides this article on Moving From Temporary To Permanent Hired Positions and what you can do to increase your chances of landing permanent work.

      • Benefits of Temporary Jobs provides this article on Benefits of Temporary Jobs. They provide myriad of experiences, allow you to test out types of careers, and offers life education.

      • Keeping A Job Search Private provides this article on Keeping A Job Search Confidential. The last thing you need is for your resume to end up on your boss's desk or in the hands of unscrupulous recruiters.

      • Minimize Job Search Stress provides this article on Tips To Minimize Job Hunting Stress. Looking for work is stressful and this article offers up ways to reduce stress.

      • Surviving A Layoff provides this article on surviving a layoff, downsizing or termination contains the top 8 survival tips.

      • Job Search Email Tips provides this article on email tips for job seekers covering format, content and sign off.

      • Use Recruiters In Search provides this article on recruiters in your job search. Why use them, how to use them to expand and capitalize upon their contacts, and what are the advantages of having recruiters in your job search.

      • Career Fair Survival Tips provides this article for job seekers a way to explore career opportunities within a variety of companies at one location using job fairs.

      • Thank You Letter Tips provides this article on Tips For Writing Thank You Letters to potential employers after the interview.

      • Job Search During War-Time provides this article on Job Searching Tips During War Time when it can be very difficult to focus on your life.

    • Job Interview Tips

      • The Toughest Questions provides this article on answering tough job interview questions.

      • Master The Lunch Interview provides this article on how to master a lunch interview. It's more than just a meal with one another. It's a test.

      • Rescue A Sinking Interview provides this article on how to recover from a bad interview. Confidence, charm, and honesty can salvage your meeting, as well as these 5 tips.

      • Skills You Must Convey provides this article filled with great advice on how to convey some very important skills during the interview process.

      • Overcome A Bad Interview provides this article on common sense advice and tips on how to overcoming a bad interview.

      • Avoid Interview Disasters provides this common sense article on how to Avoid and Overcome Interview Disasters.

      • Phone Interview Tips

        This article contains how to take advantage and be prepared for the all important telephone interview.

      • The Job Hopping Question

        Should you or shouldn't you jump from job to job in today's competitive employment market in order to expand your life skill sets? This article provides the pros and cons.

      • Interview Mistakes To Avoid

        This article provides the dos and don'ts of successfully handling a job interview and the mistakes to avoid.

      • Illegal Interview Questions

        This article explains job interview questions that are illegal for an employer to ask.

      • Dressing For The Interview

        This article presents the proper way to dress for success and that crucial job interview.

      • More Phone Interview Tips

        This article contains additional information for you to be prepared for the all important telephone interview.

      • 13 Mistakes To Avoid

        An article on mistakes to avoid during an interview or while trying to get hired.

      • Job Interview Tips provides this comprehensive article on key job interview tips to enahnce your opportunity at finding employment.

    • Salary Negotiation

    • Resume Help

    • Cover Letter Tips

    • Resignation Tips

    • Career Networking

  • Videos

    • Job Search Videos offers live videos feeds on job searches with information and advice provided by career couselors and recruiters.

    • Career Search Videos offers live videos feeds on career searches with information and advice provided by career couselors and recruiters.

    • Job Interview Videos offers live videos feeds on current interview techniques, information and advice provided by career couselors and recruiters.

    • Featured Job Interview

  • Job Tests

    • Career Interest Test provides you with this game designed to help you match your interests and skills with similar careers.

    • CareerPath® Test provides this set of Free Career Tests and Personality Test assessments, depending on where you are on your career path, to find career choices for you.

    • Color Quiz provides you with this ColorQuiz. A free five minute personality test based on decades of research by color psychologists around the world. There are no complicated questions to answer, you simply choose colors with a click of the mouse.

    • Dewey Color System provides The Dewey Color System. The world's only validated color personality test. We offer books and online psychological tests on personality, career, relationships, and parenting. Choose Your Colors, Change Your Life.

    • Jung Typology Test introduces an Online test based on Jung and Briggs Myers typology that provides your personality formula, the description of your type, list of occupations, and option to assess your compatibility against any soulmate.

    • Keirsey Temperament provides a Personality Test using the official Keirsey Temperament Sorter - Personality Tests for organizational, career and personal development.

  • Scams helps avoid being scammed, ripped off or having your privacy invaded by online job "employer" postings by providing a link to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse Tutorial. This will help you stay a little safer out there and know your rights.

  • On This Day provides this news and entertainment feed from the Free Dictionary. Within you will find Word of the Day, Article of the Day, This Day in History, Today's Birthday, In The News, Quote of the Day, Spelling Bee, Match Up and Hangman.

  • Relax! With The Best Armor Games

    Job searching is one of the toughest jobs you'll ever have to perform and so we've placed a bunch of free, small, easy to play online flash games here for your enjoyment.

  • Know Your World provides this educational entertainment game that tests your knowledge of the world, world location, famous places and landmarks.

  • Where The Hell Is Matt?

    To help you keep perspective and to make your roughest days a hell of a lot more enjoyable we have included here Matt Harding's around the world dance videos. Enjoy!

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