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5 Top Job Search Tips
by: John McElborough

Get online

While you can still find job ads in newspapers and printed publications to be as efficient as possible and have access to the widest choice of jobs you really need to get online to search for your new job. Most offline publishers like newspapers will also make their jobs available online but you’ll also have access to a great deal of vacancies which you would never find offline as many recruiters now use the internet as the only form of advertising for their vacancies.

Filter by location

For most people the first filter for a job search should be location, unless of course you are willing to or perhaps actively seeking relocation. If you are location dependant set yourself a radius around your home and decide how far you are willing to travel each day for work. Don’t just think about physical distance but journey time and cost — will you get public transport or drive? What will the traffic be like when you have to start work? It's better to think about these practicalities early in the job search process, that way you’re less likely to find yourself looking at jobs outside of your radius which you later end up deciding not to apply for- this is a big waste of time.

Search across sectors

If work in your sector is hard to come by think about how your skills from an existing or previous job could be applied across different sectors. For example if you’re worked in construction in the past but there are few construction jobs within your radius where else could your skills be applied? You might need to get creative here and be prepared to take a chance of career direction but when you step outside of your main sector lots of new exciting opportunities often present themselves.

Be selective where you apply

While it can be tempting to apply for as many jobs as possible, especially when you’re out of work and looking to find employment quickly, its almost always better to take a quality over quantity approach. Spend more time refining your search and identifying opportunities which you’re both qualified for and stand a good chance of getting and which you’re genuinely interested in and excited about.

Identify a few opportunities like this and spend extra time researching the company, crafting exceptional covering letters and tweaking your Cv where necessary to give you the best possible chance of getting to interview.

Be persistent and methodical

We all have different ways of going about our job searches and that’s fine. What’s important is that whatever method you use you are methodical about it and resist the temptation to get distracted, end up on different web sites or pursuing opportunities which are never going to come off. It’s a good idea to set yourself a fixed time online to do your research and stick to this.

Persistence is the golden rule of job seeking, hunt down every possible opportunity, follow up every application with a phone call and follow up very interview with an email. Be persistent and methodical and your job searching will be far easier.

About The Author

John McElborough writes articles about jobs, careers and employment. Start your search for security jobs and manager jobs today.

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