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This career article by Nathan Newberger covers tips and ideas on how to best prepare yourself to turn that temporay job into a full time permanent position. Temporary work is a good way to earn cash and can lead to a permanent position if you play your cards right.

This article reveals six tips for turning a temporary position into a permanent one. With the right approach you may land a job you never even applied for.

These six topics will be covered:

  • Perform as a permanent
  • Burn the midnight oil
  • Dress to impress
  • Advertise yourself
  • Show company concern
  • Train yourself constantly


Whether you are a temp or a full-time employee, you get paid for one reason and one reason alone: to get work done. Every employee is responsible for doing his/her assignments correctly and on time. Temporary workers often operate under the misconception that their work is different from the work of a permanent employee.

Temps that give every job their best effort, impress companies the most. If you hope to become a permanent employee, then you should act like you already are one. The quality of your work must be just as good, if not better, than everyone else's.


A temp job usually means an 8 to 5 workday, but living by the clock won't impress your supervisor. If you want to land a permanent position, you must exhibit a willingness to work. A little overtime can say a lot about your diligence.

Time is money, so make these time issues a priority:

  • Never come in late or leave early, even if it is just by a few minutes. A supervisor will assume any habits you have as a temp would continue after becoming permanent.
  • Before leaving for the day, check that your boss has everything he/she needs. This shows that you are willing to put in the extra time and effort to get things done.


The quality of a temp's work should be no different from that of a full-time employee. Similarly, the appearance of a temp should be no different from a full-time employee's either. Somehow, people begin to believe that a temporary position is a license to dress down.

If you want to be considered a professional, dress the part.

  • Always ask what the office dress code is before starting.
  • Never stray away from the dress code, even if you think nobody pays attention to your appearance.


As you fight for that permanent position, the best advantage is to have people on your side. People in temporary positions often have the "get in, get out, don't make a sound" attitude. That's fine if you are a cat burglar, not if you are trying to get a job.

Your chance of moving into a permanent position depends on your chemistry with co-workers:

  • Get to know as many people as possible, even outside of the deptartment. Make your name, face, and good attitude recognizable to everyone you can.
  • Don't be afraid to discuss work or small talk with full-time employees. You need to be comfortable with your co-workers.
  • Make good friends. When it comes time to fill a permanent position, it doesn't hurt to have the people in charge fighting for you.


Part of advertising yourself to people is letting them see your outlook on work and life. This means more than just a being friendly to people. It means being genuinely concerned with how the office runs and the future of the company.

If you aren't interested in the company, why should the company be interested in you? Keep the following in mind:

  • A smiling face and positive attitude help foster teamwork and a pleasant workplace.
  • Voice concerns about the future of the company. Let others know you consider yourself part of the team and want to see everyone succeed.
  • Never be phony. It's easy to spot, impossible to forget, and incredibly unappealing.


One of the biggest problems with hiring new employees is training them. As a temp, you have the advantage of beginning your training early. Learn as much as you can quickly and try and learn it the first time around. If you can do this, your supervisor will take notice.

Learning quickly doesn't come easy, so keep these things in mind:

  • Learning is the most important thing; so if push comes to shove, don't be afraid to have people repeat themselves. More generally, never be afraid to ask a question, it shows you want to learn.
  • Go the extra mile. Even if a particular task isn't part of your duties, take an interest in learning it. The more you can do, the more appealing you become.


Temping may not be every person's cup of tea, but it is hardly unskilled labor. Temping is more like a delicate art form. Taking a temporary position provides numerous benefits and opportunities for a person with the right background, knowledge, and attitude. Instead of turning your nose up at the idea, give it some serious consideration. Temping may be just the tool you need to jumpstart your career plans.

About The Author

Nathan Newberger is the job and career expert at Nathan has over 10 years of experience in staffing and human resources. He has worked both as a recruiter and career counselor. Mr. Newberger has been the Managing Editor at for the past 5 years and his articles have helped thousands of job seekers.

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